Build a Fundable Startup Brand

The biggest reason why startups fail is they create a product that the market doesn’t want. Get traction early and increase your chances of funding with a BrandSprint.

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A venture studio where change-making entrepreneurs become game-changing brands.

There has never been a better time to start a business. There are an abundance of meaningful problems to solve and tools at our fingertips to help us solve them. 

We’re on a mission to advance humanity through creativity so we invest our capital, our creativity and our connections to turn ideas into meaningful ventures. 

We work with pre-seed and seed-stage startup founders that span the globe from the UK, USA, Europe, Australia, Africa, Korea and India. 

Build Traction. Get Funded.

Story BrandSprint

Win over the hearts and minds of customers and investors

Most startup founders have a good idea, will build a great product, hit the market at the right time and solve a pain for a specific target market. But they’ll lose the pitch the moment they start talking. This is because they tell a story about themselves instead of inviting customers and investors into a story they want to become part of.

Your story is your brand, so crafting the right story can be the difference between success and failure.

Together we will craft your BIO (Brand Story, Investor Story & Origin Story) – the three most important narratives that will power your pitch and help you create stand-out marketing.

Identity BrandSprint

Design, validate and launch a winning brand identity

Having the aspirations to build a globally recognised brand is often met with the financial challenges that every early-stage startup has, so branding becomes a ‘nice to have” as you start to build your product.

A brand that looks good will get likes. A brand that is designed well will go-to-market and scale with ease.

Set the best first impression, build confidence with customers and investors. Be the best-dressed startup in the room.

We will work together to brainstorm, research, design, validate and apply your brand identity in just one week.

Fundable Startup Workshop

Learn how to create a brand that investors want to fund

Avoid the mistakes most founders make and get closer to traction and funding.

In this online workshop we will be sharing:

  • 4 things that make investors more likely to invest in you

  • The easily avoidable mistakes founders make in the early stages

  • What every founder should do before building their MVP


The barrier of entry to running a business is lower than ever, and there is unlimited opportunity for brands that can stand out regardless of the market or economy.

350+ companies have built their brand with Short Story Ventures

We raised investment at a £1m valuation before we had our first customer. Because we knew our brand so well it was easy to get buy-in.

Ben Alderton

Founder & CEO, Solo60

The confidence we feel to launch this into our community feels so good. It’s so much more than a logo and packaging – it’s an experience. We love it.

Amy Matthews

Co-Founder, The Lazy Environmentalists

I’m Buzzing! Having such a clear brand identity is invaluable to us as a business, and provides a strong foundation to launch and develop our business from.

Chris Baker

Founder, WaterMate

Working with Danny on our brand has been incredible! He’s managed to tease out of our tangled brains all of the amazing stuff that makes us so special.

Louise Doyle

CEO & Co-Founder,

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